Record the location, the characters involved, the items present in the scene
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Writing a text is a process that requires you to be methodical and organized, especially if the text is a novel or a fiction book, in which case the huge amount of material makes these characteristics even more important. This program helps you to keep a detailed record of your progress in writing your novel or book.

During your first use, you can open the Project wizard that walks you through the creation of a new project. You need to record the project's title, author, and the folder in which your project will be saved. Once you have finished the wizard, a blank project screen will appear, so you can add new chapters, scenes, characters, and so on. Each of these parts has their own features. For example, when adding a new chapter, you can set its title and whether it is the beginning of a new section. Then, you can add new scenes to the chapter. This can be made in the most detailed form because the program lets you record the location where the scene is happening, the characters involved, the items present in the scene, the time when it starts and ends, and the goal-conflict-outcome of the scene. All this lets you maintain a very detailed record of your writing and will let you avoid forgetting details that will be important for the book's coherence.

The program has many other features to help you get organized when writing, and thus, it can be very useful for new or seasoned novelists and writers. If you are planning to write your new book, you may want to give it a try.

Although the program is free to download and use, you may want to register your copy by paying a small fee to support the development of this and other free programs by the same author.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Small installation file
  • Very useful to keep your work well organized


  • It is limited to the writing of novels or fiction books, although advanced users may find another uses for it
  • Its interface is kind of dull, although this does not interfere with the performance of the program
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